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Survived Wreck Thanks to the Power of Prayer

In August, 22 year-old Beth Bryant went to her best friends wedding in her hometown Monahans, Texas. She and her boyfriend, Scott took two separate cars and on their way back to Lubbock, he stopped to help some people who's car had broken down. Beth went on ahead, but then got worried and turned back around to check on Scott. The events that took place in the next few hours according to Beth are a true testament of the Power of Prayer.

Beth Bryant was driving more than 80 miles-per-hour on a remote road between Kermit and Seminole when she lost control of her Honda Accord. "What I think I was doing is I had just put a CD in and I was changing the song on the CD and when I looked up the right side of my car was off the road, and I knew I had lost control even before I'd really even lost control. So I just did the best I could to get back on the road and when I did I guess I was just going, so fast that my tires couldn't get traction on the road, so I swerved to the left then swerved back to the right and I was going head on toward a telephone pole. So I turned my wheel and that's when the telephone pole hit the side of my car and I flipped three times into a cotton field," Beth Bryant said.

Beth was conscience the whole time, she just closed her eyes and when she opened them she was staring at the blue sky. "I tried to get out both doors but they of course they were not in a condition that I could open them. So the only option I had was to bust through the windshield and that's what I did, I climbed through the windshield and started walking toward the highway," Bryant said.

Beth started walking to the highway, thinking her boyfriend Scott would be coming that way any minute, and he would help her. She had no idea how much time had actually passed since she left him. "I had lost my shoes and of course I wasn't going to take the time to look for them, so I was walking barefoot on hot pavement and I just kept telling myself that if I kept walking he or someone else would find me," Bryant said.

It was when Beth was walking that she looked back and remembered her Golden Retriever, Ty was in the car with her, but seeing the car so demolished she thought there was no way he could have lived.

"I just kept walking and looking at the horizon, just hoping and praying someone would come, and then finally I saw a pickup truck turn onto the highway and at that point I'd been walking so long I thought somehow I've got to stop him. It looked like they were going to go pass me, I had taken my shirt off because my knees were bleeding really bad course, I had no idea how bad I was hurt, so there I was barefoot with no shirt on all bloody it's a wonder they stopped for me."

By the time she got to the hospital in Seminole she could not even walk, her feet were blistered raw from the scorching pavement. But overall her injuries were minor, and remember her dog Ty, he was rescued near the scene about 12 hours later.

"Prayer played a huge role in this experience, everything from God giving me the knowledge to take the steps I needed to take to get myself help to finding Ty completely unscathed and alive. Even God providing the right people for me the doctors, the people that picked me up and the guy that picked Ty up, it's just endless. There are so many things that could've gone differently that could've cost me my life and I owe everything to the people that helped me and I give all the credit to God. It only took a second for me to take my eyes off the road and I lost control of my car and life works they same way, it takes a second to take your eyes off God and you can lose control of your life", Bryant said.

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