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No alcohol sales at Lubbock amphitheater

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Concert promoters expected more than 5,000 people at Friday night's rock concert at the Lone Star Amphitheater, but Thursday they got some news they think may hurt the turnout. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission denied their application for a catering permit, which means they cannot serve alcohol at the concert.

On his morning radio show, Wes Nessman took call after call Friday from listeners upset they wouldn't be allowed to drink at what organizers billed as ‘the biggest outdoor rock show Lubbock has ever seen'. "At 6:30 this morning we received a confirmation that not only would you not be able to purchase alcohol, you will not be able to bring alcohol," said Nessman. 

Thursday, the TABC denied the application that would allow the Lone Star Amphitheater to sell alcohol during the concert. "There are some people who are going to say heck with it and not come out because of this," said Nessman. 

Michael Lockhart, with TABC, tells NewsChannel 11, "the TABC denied the application for a temporary catering permit because they had previous public safety violations, and continue to have problems at the amphitheater."

Lockhart says the owner of the amphitheater used to own Jake's. The TABC is currently investigating Jake's, and because of that connection Lockhart says the TABC probably will not approve any permits for alcohol sales at the amphitheater until that investigation is complete.

Nessman says selling alcohol at the amphitheater will affect more than just this one concert, "We're kind of in that booking season right now. So, since there's problems out there right now, they're just going to say we don't have time to wait to see if you can figure this out."

Nessman says he will be at the concert and still expects a good turnout, but worries what this will mean for future shows in Lubbock.

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