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Local protesters to host "tea party"

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As Americans rush to get their taxes filed this Wednesday, hundreds of cities across the nation will host "tea parties." Activists will rally together to drink tea and protest what some call "runaway government spending" and taxes. Lubbock will join those cities with a local protest. These modern day tea parties might not spark a revolution, but organizers say they have the same goal as America's forefathers when they dumped shiploads of tea into the Boston harbor to protest taxes.

"That gives us an avenue to hear the people for a change instead of listening to politicians, because politicians sometimes don't carry out their promises, and I think it's time the people were being heard," says Damron, an organizer of Lubbock's tea party.

"We think that this is going to involve not just one party, but it's going to involve everybody in the United States, we're not red, we're not blue, we're red, white, and blue," says Damron. She said she simply wants her voice to be heard. "It will be a visual as well as giving people the opportunity to voice their concerns," Damron said. 

Pam Brink, the Lubbock County Democratic chair, does not support the protest. "I'm not in favor of having this tea party," Brink said.

She said she believes in the idea of taxation. "I think that the stimulus package is vital to the health and well-being of our nation. It's through our tax base that we build our country that we keep it healthy, that we have the military, that we have an interstate highway," Brink said. Brink hopes the protesters will rely on trust before taking action. "I just think that they should have confidence in the leadership that we have now."

However, Lois Damron hopes this Wednesday's tea party will not be the end of her protest."We would like to march on the capitol in Austin. Then, we'd like to go to Washington," says Damron.

The Lubbock Tea Party will take place at the Lubbock County Court House Wednesday. The event begins with the Jeff McCreight band at 4 p.m. And lasts until 7 p.m. Former Secretary of State Roger Williams will be the guest speaker. 

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