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Texas Coverage 11.18

Police now say a man who fell 9,000 feet out of an airplane Sunday, did it on purpose. Waller County Sheriff, Randy Smith, says 47 year-old Russell Filler apparently opened the cockpit door and jumped out as the flight instructor looked away. Right now investigators are searching about a 20 mile square area Northwest of Houston. Officials say they don't think Filler had a parachute when he went out the door.

Near Fort Worth, a man is in the hospital after a train slammed into his 18-wheeler. It happened at a railroad crossing about 15 miles North of the city. EMS airlifted the driver to a nearby hospital. Doctors say he is in stable condition. No one on the train was injured. At the time of the accident, the train was on its way to Colorado.

School is back in session at Scurry-Rosser High School in Kaufman County, Southeast of Dallas. On Friday, a former student, armed with a shotgun and gasoline, took the student body and teachers hostage. The incident ended with no one getting hurt after a teacher and some students wrestled the man to the ground. Monday before school began, a number of teachers and faculty joined hands to say a prayer around the school's flagpole.

November 18 is the third anniversary of the deadly bonfire collapse at Texas A&M. The log pile accident killed 12 people and injured 27. Several thousand people gathered on campus Sunday night to remember the victims.

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