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Local Cotton Businessman Runs For Political Office

A local cotton and oil business man has thrown his hat in the ring to succeed Larry Combest. Mike Greer decided to run Monday after waiting for his cotton business to receive the farm bill. Larry Combest has represented District 19 for the past 18 years. Last week he announced he will resign in May. Greer has worked in the ag and oil industry for 37 years, and says not being a politician is his biggest asset.

"I think the refreshing thing is I'm not a politician. I will probably say things that are not politically correct, but I think being in business gives you the opportunity of knowing how to work with people and budgets and money," said Greer.

The following names are possible candidates:

  • Carl Isett
  • Victoria Sutton
  • Don McBeath
  • Randy Neugebauer
  • David Langston
  • David Nelson
  • Sam Medina
  • Mark Griffin
  • Pete Laney
  • John Montford

However, Republicans Sam Medina and Mark Griffin and Democrats Pete Laney and John Montford have not commented on the possibility of a run at the office.

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