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New technology good for your brain

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - If you use computers, iPods, PDA's, and other similar gadgets, a new book suggests all that stuff could actually rewire your brain and there is a good and bad side to that. 

The book is called iBrain and the author, Dr. Gary Small, used an MRI to study brain activity when a person is focused on different things, comparing, for example, reading a book to searching for something online.  Dr. Small says, "If they're reading a book, you see some areas are active.  But if they're searching online, it more than doubles the activity in your brain. What it is going to do is strengthen wires throughout the brain.  When he shifts from one task to another, he is able to scan the environment, and in a sense, switch on one set of wires and switch off another set of wires". So, the bottom line, according to Dr. Small's research, is that keeping up with new technology is good for the brain and may even keep it sharp and alert longer.

You can sign up for free computer classes at two Lubbock libraries.  For more information on that, call the Patterson Library on Parkway at (806)767-3300 or try the Groves Library at 19th & Chicago at (806)767-3733.

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