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Whatever Happened to K.Y. Anderson's Murder Case?

K.Y. Anderson was working the overnight shift for Bell Dairy on October 18th, 2000. He left home for work around 11:30 p.m., and by 2:15 a.m., his body was discovered beside his truck. Anderson died from a single shotgun blast to the left side of his head. It's an unsolved murder story that continues to puzzle police and torment a family.

Despite countless hours of investigative work there is still no motive, no murder weapon, no witness, and no suspect. But now, NewsChannel 11 does have new information about the case, and exclusive interviews with K.Y. Anderson's mother and his widow.

For the past two years, Debra Anderson has been living in constant agony, not knowing who killed her husband or why. She finds strength in God, family, and counseling.

"It's an ongoing thing. Even though it's been two years, the pain is still there. The killer's still at large, and we haven't got any results yet," says Anderson.

For K.Y.'s mother Loletha Anderson, the unsolved murder of her son has been torture as well.

"I don't know if they meant to hurt us or just him, but they did a good job at hurting and tearing down a family," says Loletha.

Now, two years after the murder, exactly what happened here is still a mystery. Detective Tal English says it's one of his most frustrating cases.

"He comes from a very good family, and I hate to see them suffer the way they have," says English.

What police do know is that K.Y. was shot to death with a shotgun at close range. There were no signs of a struggle, and police say the fact that K.Y. wasn't caught off guard gives them reason to believe he knew his killer.

"It's an isolated area. It's not somewhere where someone could just come off the street and be able to find where he was at, so we really feel like it was somebody who knew that area, knew his routine," says English.

The murder happened on a wet night, which hasn't helped the solvability of the case. The rain could have washed away tire tracks, footprints, and other critical evidence. K.Y. was not robbed, but police and family members believe K.Y.'s light brown combination lock brief case may have been taken from the scene.

"And that brief case has not been found, so someone out there has some information. And I wish, I hope after this interview, that someone will come forward," says Loletha.

K.Y.'s widow Debra says the murder has seemed strange to her from the beginning, including the cold, insincere reaction of K.Y.'s employer.

"One of the supervisors got on the phone and said, 'Yep, he's dead,'" she says.

Debra describes the day of the murder as surreal, a nightmare she thought she was going to wake up from.

"By 12:00 noon, because he usually made it home at 11:30, so it was getting close to noon. And I'm sitting there like a kid waiting for an ice cream truck. And here comes this maroon truck and that's the color truck he drove. And I said to everyone in my living room, 'See, I told you all (he was ok).' And I ran outside and the truck turned the other way," says a tearful Debra.

And perhaps the saddest part of the story is that K.Y. and Debra were married just 11 days before the murder.

"I was married to him on October 7th. He got killed on October 18th. I buried him on October 23rd. That's enough to make a person go crazy," says Debra.

K.Y.'s family says they'll continue to take things one day at a time, knowing that eventually justice will be served.

"But I do have the assurance that somebody will pay. Even if I don't live to see it, somebody is going to pay," says Loletha.

"Just put yourself in my shoes. Please come forward. Please call," says Debra.

If you have any information about this case, you're encouraged to call the Lubbock Police Crime Line at (806) 741-1000 .

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