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Consider This... Tea Parties Hint At Real Revolution

Do you get the feeling your views and values just aren't being reflected in Washington lately? Well, you're not alone. Right now a group in Lubbock is preparing to join thousands across the country to echo that opinion.

Wednesday, over 2,000 communities across the nation are rallying to protest runaway government spending and taxes. In Lubbock, thousands are expected to gather at the county courthouse at 5 p.m. I'd encourage you to go and speak up.

But consider this, if you join the tea party Wednesday remember, locally, we are still better off than most. Our local banks are doing well, Texas Tech is growing, our hospitals are top notch, and above all our values are still the strongest in the nation.

So this tax day, let's speak as one voice of taxpayers that simply are not happy with our representation. Washington should wake up, maybe take a note or two from a healthy West Texas, and start listening and hearing the voice of the citizens - before this token tea party turns to a real revolt.

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