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Try Before You Fry

Kitchens across the country will be busy Thanksgiving day. Everyone from grandma to dad to the little ones play a part in preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

Not everyone prepares a traditional turkey in the oven. Some people go out for Thanksgiving, others may be joining the trend of frying their turkeys. If you want to fry your turkey at home, you'll need to beware.

Underwriters Laboratories is refusing to give its safety mark of approval to any home turkey fryers. "Based on our testing of the deep turkey fryers on the market today, we won't certify them without our trusted UIL marker," said John Dregenberg is the Manager of Consumer Affairs at Underwriters Laboratories.

He and his crew of fire fighters tested out a couple of the deep turkey fryers and this is what they found. As you can see, the oil spills out once the turkey is put in. Dregenberg says, "One of our concerns with deep turkey fryers is that the handle and the lids get very hot so if you try to remove it you'll get burned. In addition these units don't have thermostats control tools so this allows the oil to overheat and poses a severe burn hazard."

Now, here are some safety tips:

  • Always use outdoors
  • Never use on a wooden
  • They should always be placed on a flat level surface
  • Never leave them unattended.

So, it's best to use the oven for cooking your turkey this year or leave the frying to the experts.

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