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New Drug for Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

It's called Quetiapine, and it's been used to treat patients with schizophrenia for years, but a new study at Ohio State University Medical Center shows that Quetiapine can also ease the paranoia of Alzheimer's patients, without the side effects that have been showing up in other similar treatments.

"It has very low side effects causing increased confusion. It does not cause the stiffness in walking and has very little effect with dizziness when you get up at the doses that we used," says Dr. Douglas Shcarre of Ohio State University Medical Center.

That's important because patients and their families say it's hard enough to deal with the paranoia that may come with Alzheimer's, let alone the dizziness added by some medications. So with this new treatment, dizziness is not a problem. But there is another side effect, weight gain in 40% of the patients. But since so many Alzheimer's patients lose weight and become frail, researchers say a little added weight could be a good thing.

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