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A Mother's Will to Graduate College

It's an ordinary college day for Amber Bryan, but there's nothing simple about how she's getting her degree.

"I drive every other weekend, fly every other weekend," says Amber.

You see, 31 year-old Amber is a wife and mother of two. Her husband was transferred to Blanco, and now her family lives six and a half hours away.

"I realized I had choices, but I actually chose Lubbock Christian University. I wanted to stay here and be a part of it," she says.

Although this isn't Amber's first crack at college, she's relieved to say this time will be her last.

"I went to college 10 years ago when I first graduated high school and started college, and met my husband, and decided to be a mommy instead," she says.

But years of odd jobs and waiting tables had its drawbacks, both financially and emotionally.

"I waited tables actually, and there is a stigma behind that. I would feel it from the crowd and from the customers," she says.

And that's when Amber realized the importance of getting her college degree. She says the challenge of juggling a family and college is worth the example she'll set for other people.

"She is inspirational. I am more of a procrastinator and really she just gets after it and after it, cause she knows she has to go home during the weekend and gets her work done during the week," says her study partner, DeDe Mogavero.

And that's the goal Amber will keep until graduation day.

"I do feel better about myself. There's a self esteem that goes with it. With actually finishing what you started and something I started 10 years ago I'm actually finishing. I'm very excited, and people around me are proud of me," Amber says.

Amber is done with classes in December and will finish her internship by May. Once she receives her degree in social work, she'll move back in with her family in Blanco. By the way, 31% of Lubbock Christian University students are considered non-traditional. This means they're over the age of 25.

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