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The Plate Plan


Holidays are fast approaching and visions of weight gain dance in our heads. Starting to plan early may help avoid some of those unintended pounds that we gain because of all of that delicious holiday fare.

A new and simple approach to portion control may be just what we need this holiday season for pound control. It is called the Plate Plan.

Imagine a dinner plate. For lunch and dinner, divide the plate into quarters. One quarter should contain the protein serving such as meat or fish. One quarter of the plate should contain bread or starchy foods or grains. And one half the plate should contain vegetables. You can add to this a small serving of fruit and a cup of skim milk.

The secret of the Plate Plan is portion size. Looking at your plate this way makes estimating portion sizes easy. By having to fit into one quarter of the plate, the average American serving of 8 to 10 ounces of meat is reduced to about 3-4 ounces.

Salad with low calorie dressing is unlimited. It probably will not fit on the main plate but that's OK. A salad plate fits into this plan.

In recent years the average number; of calories consumed each day has gone from about 1850 to 2000. 150 calories a day can add up to a gain of 15 pounds in one year. This may account for the fact that over half of Americans are overweight and about 20 to 25% are obese.

Instead of trying yet another diet, the easy Plate Plan may be the answer to helping you control weight gain and even assist in shedding a few pounds.

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