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Follow Up: Clean Up or Demolish

A NewsChannel 11 follow up to a story we first told you about in June.

For 10 years, Lubbock's Inspections Department has been dealing with Carl Bagwell to get his yard cleaned up. But in May the negotiations picked up speed, once the city discovered Bagwell's home had no running water or sewer lines. That is when the city gave Bagwell a series of deadlines to bring his home up to code. The city offered Bagwell grants to install the plumbing, but Bagwell refused.

"It's going to cost me a fortune to let them do it, it would cost me like $20,000. I guess to let them do it, for something I can do for $3,000. So that's I wanna do to it. I think they should be patient and let me have another two to four months, whatever it takes," Carl Bagwell, whose home is threatened to be demolished.

Bagwell says he is about one week away from having running water in his bathroom. Then he will work on outdoor plumbing, and get his house painted. On Thursday morning, Bagwell says he will present his case to the Lubbock City Council. He says: they could grant him an extension, or decide to demolish.

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