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Two sides go face to face in alcohol debate

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thursday night we brought you live continuous coverage of the head-to-head debate over alcohol sales at  

In case you were pre-ocuppied with severe weather, here is a quick recap. Moderator and NewsChannel 11's Christy Moreland asked both sides about the impact expanded alcohol sales might have on Lubbock County crime rates.

Brent O'Hair with a group called "Truth About Alcohol Sales" says he has a friend who used to be in organized crime, but got out of it.  "He picked Lubbock for one reason - because it's dry. He told me this fall, 'Brent, you don't realize what signals that it sends to organized crime when a community goes wet.'"

Melissa Pierce with a group called "Lubbock County Wins" says, "We all love Lubbock. We live here because we choose to. Turning the city wet will not increase the crime rate and statistics show that."

Each side answered a total of 10 questions. If you missed it don't worry, we will have it posted to our website no later than Friday morning.

The election is May 9th.

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