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South Plains residents deal with storm damage repairs

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As part of all the storms - hail pounded South Plains' driver's cars and wallets. Extensive damage across town is keeping collision shops and insurance agents busy the day after the severe weather. It happened to our cars up here at the station and all across the south plains drivers are left wondering what do I do now.

Ice fell from the sky and landed on Rudy Rios' car. "When I got into the car to go home is when I noticed all the dents. It's not a good feeling," said Rios. The hail fell so hard his car responded in a way like someone was trying to steal it. "My car was getting hit and I could just feel it and sure enough I drove up and the alarm was going off and my lights were flashing," he said.

Collision King Owner Steven Tisdale says he's seen all kinds of damage from Thursday's storm, "It varied from block to block. We normally see a larger more consistent hail damage and in this storm there was a lot of variations," says Tisdale.

He called his "Hail Doctor" into the shop. "It's pretty bad, golf ball size and some baseball sized hail," says Jason Davis. Davis is known as the "Hail Doctor" around Collision King. He gave Rios' car a check up and said it didn't look good. He's seen damage ranging from $1000 to $6000.

One car that was in the shop today was NewsChannel 11 Sports Director Pete Christy's. We showed you just how bad the hail Beat Pete yesterday during our severe weather coverage.

"It's a catastrophic situation. Whenever we have a large group of people who suffer from exact same situation it's a catastrophe," says Insurance Agent Peter Griffith with State Farm. He says they've received 900 claims on cars and 600 on homes since the storm hit and expects those numbers to double. His advice? "Go ahead and get in line, there are going to be a ton of claims for all companies so get your name in the hopper," says Griffith.

Insurance Agencies across town have declared the damage from last night's weather catastrophic, which means they'll bring in crews to help expedite the process so the best thing that you can do is get in touch with your agent. They are expecting your call.

Click here  to make a claim with State Farm Insurance.

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