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New sports complex for Lubbock youth

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Nearly 700 young girls took to the softball diamond this weekend. They are the first teams to play at the new Lubbock Youth Sports Complex. Sixty teams played in the South Plains Girls Fastpitch pre-season tournament.

They are excited to have new fields that parents say were greatly needed in Lubbock. "Lubbock does a great job supporting little league and the boys. They just didn't have the facilities for girls to play," said Louis Dorton. 

Dorton coaches his daughter Susannah who is learning the art of pitching. He feels the new Lubbock Youth Sports Complex more than fills those needs. "We've played some tournaments out of town, some different things, and they're at least as good, or better than anything we've seen so far," he said of the new fields. 

League organizer Chris Snead says the new fields will help young girls develop athletic skills and build character. "It's great for the girls. They're learning teamwork," says Snead.

Snead says the fields won't just serve Lubbock residents. They'll also bring visitors and their dollars to the city. Now, Lubbock can host large sporting events that used to go to other West Texas cities.

This summer the complex will host a 100 team tournament. "That's 1,200 girls coming to Lubbock, but more importantly it'll be their parents. Each girl brings to an average of four family members with them that come to Lubbock and spend their dollars in out hotels, our restaurants. They shop in our malls.  They buy gas here in Lubbock, and it's a great economic impact for Lubbock, Texas," said Snead. 

Parents say another advantage of the complex is more convenient game times. The league used to schedule games as late as 9 p.m. on school nights because of the lack of fields. For Your Cell Phone
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