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Food for Thought Report 11.21

We've got three schools to tell you about as well as our featured Top Performer. We begin at the head of the class. Harwell Elementary at 4101 Avenue D is a Food for Thought Top Performer with zero critical violations.

Ballenger Head Start at 1110 40th St. had one critical violation.

  • Mouse droppings were found in a storage area.

The Lubbock Independent School District is under contract with an extermination company to handle pest control.

Bayless Elementary at 2115 58th St. had two critical violations.

  • There was improper cold hold of potentially hazardous food products. Sandwiches were found at 55 degrees. Cold foods should be kept at between 41 and 45 degrees.
  • There was inadequate hand washing, employees were not washing their hands prior to putting on gloves.

The report shows both violations were corrected on site.

Now on to our featured Top Performer. It's where $7 can buy all you can eat and drink, but when a fire destroyed Inside Kershner's 4 Bar K on October 21st, it was time for plan B. "I had this little place for my overflow and we call it the other place so I started doing lunch here Friday 11:30 to 2:00," says owner Chuck Kershner.

Now Kershner's 'The Other Place' at 1636 13th St. makes the Top Performing list this week with zero critical violations. Owner Chuck Kershner says a great staff and a tried and true routine helped make the transition from the ranch to downtown a smooth one. "Well I have some good help and if it wasn't for them I may not have got it but we have it down. We really keep it simple we have brisket fajitas and homemade chicken and dumplings and when they come to our place on Friday they know what they're going to get," says Kershner.

Then it's over to our next perfect scoring place, Mex-To-Go at 3017 34th St. gets zero critical violations this time making them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Rounding out the list is Subway at 1129 East Loop 289, also a Top Performer with a perfect score.

Now on to this week's Low Performers. Casa Ole at 7020 Quaker gets four critical violations. Violations including:

  • Cheese found at 54 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at a minimum of 45 degrees.
  • Rice was found at 122 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at a minimum of 140 degrees.
  • The hand washing facility was not accessible due to a trash can and other items.
  • Toxic items were not properly labeled or stored--a spray bottle had no label and a spray bottle was found stored with a tea pitcher.

The manager at Casa Ole' told us all critical violations were corrected on site. The report states that as well.

Taste of Texas at 4401 Avenue Q is our next Low Performer with four critical violations.

  • The temperature inside a cooler was 57.6 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Hot food was found in a warmer at a temperature of 104.3 degrees. Rapid reheating temperature must reach 160 degrees or higher.
  • Hand washing facilities were found without towels.
  • Coolers did not have accurate thermometers.

NewsChannel 11 was unable to reach management at Taste of Texas for comment.

Dairy Queen at 8105 Indiana gets five critical violations this time.

  • There was improper storage of drinking containers. Cups and soda bottles were not properly stored.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to improper storage of food products. Corn dogs were stored on a shelf in a freezer.
  • There was an improper date marking system--products with expired dates and products with no date were found in a walk in unit.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored--a spray bottle was stored on an ice machine.
  • Accurate thermometers were not provided.

Other violations included the heavily soiled interior of a cooling unit and wiping cloths not properly stored. NewsChannel 11 tried repeatedly to get in touch with a manager at Dairy Queen for comment, but no one was available for comment.

Spanky's at 811 University gets six critical violations.

  • Chicken was found at 60 degrees--cold foods must be kept at 45 degrees or cooler.

Owner Lisa West says they take temperature readings inside their cooling units throughout the day, and what happened in this case was simply an oversight. "What happened is when they shut the door to get those readings it stayed open and the seals didn't catch for a couple of hours," says West. West says when they pull chicken or other foods to the line to cook them for customers, they always assure it's at proper temperatures. The chicken in questions was discarded.

  • The report says a hand sink was being used as a dump sink.

"When we refill our ketchup bottles and things we'll rinse off the lid to the ketchup bottle and put it back on and apparently someone had used it for something like that outside of hand washing."

  • The report says dented cans were found in the ready supply.

"Once they go through and de-case them they set them on the shelf so they are on our shelf but they're there to go back to our vendor, we don't keep them, we don't open them we don't use them."

  • Flies were observed throughout the establishment.

"We have a light for our insects that draws them to keep them out of here and that wasn't working properly so we had about one and a half or two hours later, they brought us a replacement for that."

  • Thermometers were missing from two reach in units. That violation was corrected on site. A wiping cloth was stored on a bun warmer.

"That does happen when we're real busy sometimes they'll wipe it down and set it there, do something before it goes back into the bleach water."

West says all violations were corrected on site--the inspection report states that as well. She says she wants customers to know Spanky's has been a Top Performer in the past and they will be again. "We want them to know they can still trust Spanky's here or at the new location and that it's still the place to come to get great burgers and friend cheese. "

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