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Lubbock parents react to FDA ruling on morning after pill

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The FDA will allow 17-year-old girls to buy the "morning after" pill without a prescription. This reverses its previous decision that required the pill only be sold to adults.

Latrell Castanon's daughter Amber is 17 and she passionately opposes the ruling. "They're going to think that they're protected by this, and they're actually not. They're going to be in more danger. They're going to think that they can have sex, unprotected or anything, and they may get pregnant but that's ok because they can take the pill, she said.

Laurie Mills has three teenage daughters of her own. She shares Castanon's concern that girls will use Plan B as a form of birth control, but thinks the benefits of making it readily available outweigh the cost. "I look at cases of rape or cases if there was alcohol involved and someone was taken advantage of or a poor decision was made. Those are situations where I think this is appropriate, and if getting a prescription kept those children from being able to make that decision, I think that's a bad thing," said Mills. 

Both mothers agree the biggest issue is education. They think parents should talk with their children so whether it's available or not, Plan B won't be necessary.

Seventeen-year-olds can't get the pill over the counter just yet. First, the manufacturer must make a formal request to lift the restrictions, which is something the FDA says it will approve. 

Tony Thorton, CEO of Lubbock Planned Parenthood, supports different birth control options being readily available.  However, he would rather women of all ages go to a clinic or doctor for counseling and care when they get Plan B, rather than getting it over the counter.  "There are so many issues around. It's not just Plan B, yes it's ok to buy it over the counter or no it's not. If you need Plan B, then you need additional information so you're making the right decisions," Thornton said.

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