Hail, Hail, Hartman Roofing

Severe weather can start with hail and end with nails.  If you have lived in Lubbock for long, you know that Spring time on the South Plains can mean unpredictable weather, thunderstorms and even hail.  With the storm that rolled across the area in mid April, roofing signs have appeared seemingly on every corner.  However, the Better Business Bureau warns against using the the storm-chasing roofers that pas through town after a severe storm.  Instead, it's important to turn to someone local, reliable and dependable.

Hartman Roofing is just that, having been around Lubbock since 1996.  Justin Phillips is the owner and manager of Hartman Roofing in Lubbock.  Since the company's inception, Justin says they have completed over 5,000 roofing jobs. That means that your neighbors and friends have used Hartman Roofing.  That is a major advantage of a local business. In fact, all installers have worked with the company for over 10 years and the sales staff has over 75 years combined experience.

After the most recent storm on April 16th, Justin Phillips said that "Everyone with hail should at least get a free consultation to see if the roof will require repairs." However, Phillips adds, "the area from Frankfurt on the West border to the Interstate, from S. Loop 289 to Woodrow Road was hit the hardest, with many homes requiring a new roof."  He still encourages those outside of that heaviest hit region to have their roof checked out, because that doesn't mean they don't have any damage.

Hartman Roofing does want to warn Lubbock home-owners about anyone that claims to be a "roofer" but does not have appropriate credentials.  After a hail storm such as the one we just experienced, some "storm chasers" will come into Lubbock and maybe use an old phone number for a roofing company that has gone out of business. Phillips warns that "the best thing to do when looking for a roof contractor is to make sure the contractor has general liability insurance, is registered, licensed and insured with the City of Lubbock. It is important that the company is registered with the City so that they can pull permits when roofing your home."  Hartman Roofing is registered with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. Justin Phillips says that "In all our years of business and over 5,000 roofs, we have never received one complaint with the Better Business Bureau." Additionally, Hartman Roofing is a GAFELK Certified Roofing Contractor.

An additional Hartman Roofing advantage is that they are known for being the West Texas specialist of  DECRA stone coated steel roofing systems. In fact, Hartman is the leading installer of DECRA in the state of Texas.  DECRA is the perfect combination of research and practical experience, offering the ultimate in performance. The system uses lightweight aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with ceramic coated stone granules. These roofs are recognizable across Lubbock. You can visit DECRA's website at www.decra.com to find out more about their innovative products.

It is possible to get discounts off your insurance due to a new roof.  Remember to ask your Hartman Roofing Representative about Class IV Impact Resistant Roofing Products.  These products entitle home owners to a discount up to 35% off their homeowner insurance.

Hartman Roofing offers FREE ESTIMATES online. You can request an estimate in the convenience of your home or office with just a click of the mouse.  Email the staff to schedule an estimate at hartmanroofinglubbock@yahoo.com, or give the friendly office staff a call today at 806-763-8500.

Due to all of the residents needing to replace their entire roof, Hartman Roofing is offering a discount. Mention this article when calling to schedule your appointment and receive $250 off your entire roof!