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SWAT Team Gets Work Out From Tech

The Lubbock County Sheriff's SWAT Team endures plenty of physical stress during its operations. Sometimes it can be too much for some team members. So they've gotten with Texas Tech to start getting more fit than they've ever been.

SWAT Team Member Cory Lucas says he does his share of exercise. But he says, like anyone else, he could be more fit. "I'm absolutely not a machine, whatsoever."

"These, these test were for muscular strength, power, and endurance," says James.

"It's just like you're trying to life a heavy weight over your head. Just give it your max effort for a couple of seconds and then we'll say stop and that's it." James describes an exercise to Cory.

"All the group of guys, all 20 or so, one thing we'll do is we'll look at the date all next to each other," says James. James shows Cory some of his results on a computer. "And so we're going to get an estimate of your muscle power based on that."

Cory's at the Texas Tech Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences. From the results, they'll develop training programs for the Lubbock County Sheriff's SWAT Team. "During some of the training exercises that we've done in the past when the team gets together and trained, we've had some fitness, some people get injured, some people get hurt, some people get fatigued," says Cory.

So the fitness programs will give the team some unity, physically. "A lot of times, we can't ever get together as a group and this kind of gives everybody a starting point," says Cory.

The team will eventually be working out at the Texas Tech Recreation Center. All in all, the testing and training program is costing the county just more than $3,000.

Cory peddles away on a stationary bike. "We're measuring what's called metabolic gas exchange, where we can measure his oxygen consumption and like I said earlier, that's a good index of how fit he is," says Dr. Jim Williams with the Texas Tech Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences. He, too, cheers Cory on as he's being tested on the stationary bike. "About 50 seconds in this minute, let's finish it out."

Cory's testing was one of his harder workouts. But the fitness program should make it all a little easier. "We're going to bring them back, in a few months and hopefully see some improvement in the muscle resistance," says James.

Cory says he knows he has a few things to work on. "It gives me an idea of what I need to focus on and what I need to work on. So something should be said about the Sheriff's Department to recognize this problem and to help us in remedying it, and making it a better department."

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