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Lubbock police not 4th best paid in Texas, their study says

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The City Manager's office indicates that Lubbock police are the 6th best paid in Texas. If you factor in the cost of living, Lubbock is 5th best. If you add the value of getting to drive their squad cars off duty, Lubbock is the 4th Best Police Force in Texas.

The City only analyzed new recruits and patrol officers with five years experience. It does not include sergeants, captains, or chiefs. The City asked us to point out these numbers are not meant to dispute a study done by the Lubbock Professional Police Association.

Police have done their own study. They say Lubbock ranks 42nd in Texas. Why the big difference? The Lubbock Professional Police Association not only looked at starting pay but what they call "top out" pay. For example, the maximum pay a Midland patrolman can make is $62,592, while a Lubbock officer tops out at just less than $54,625.

Police say it's a public safety issue because the best officers are leaving Lubbock for other cities. Monday, city council delayed making a decision on a proposed 15 percent pay increase. The police association says they're not demanding a raise so much as suggesting this is a solution to the problem.

"The Lubbock Professional Police Association presented the pay proposal to the city council offering a solution for the recruiting and retention challenges of the Lubbock Police Department.  We project 100 officers will retire by 2014 and the LPPA is concerned how that will affect public safety and the safety of our officers. It took 5 years to obtain a net gain of 38 officers to the department and losing 100 to retirements could be devastating. The costs of living and off duty cars are not attracting applicants. We are not demanding a pay increase, but this is the solution," says LPPA Treasurer Brandon Price.

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