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Misusing Prescription Patches

It is not uncommon for people to get a prescription, then not take the drug, or stop taking it early. That is why a lot of patients today are not popping pills, they are peeling patches instead. You may think you just stick'em on clean dry skin and forget about them, but you have to remember exactly when the dose is up and the patch needs to be changed.

There are already some people that are misusing the patches too. They are cutting them in half, thinking they will still work and last longer, instead that could trigger a life threatening overdose.

"A lot of the drug can spill out onto the skin at once, so a week's worth of medications exposed to your body all at once may not be a good thing. So don't cut your patches," Dave Barbour, Pharmacist.

Drug makers are shifting from those reservoir type patches that can spill a drug to Wax Matrix Patches that could be cut into partial doses, but that is still in the works. So for now, Dave says leave the patch alone and keep your eye on a calendar to know when it needs to be replaced.

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