Beware of Fake Nail Hazards - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


Beware of Fake Nail Hazards

Whether you stick them on yourself, or get a professional to make them last a few weeks, fake nails are a fire hazard if you get too close to a flame. That is the finding at Lamar University in Beaumont where researchers lit five different types of artificial nails, and found each took an average of one-point-one second to ignite.

The Lamar Researchers say a plastic nail tip and the acrylic coating are made of polymers that are extremely flammable. By comparison, they tested natural nails too and said they can also catch fire, but not nearly as quickly as an artificial nail. So, the lesson here is shorter nails are safer, use a lighter with a long tip, and be aware of the danger.

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