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Viewer Response to Consider This on Recruit THEN Reward

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Stop all this wasting of our tax dollars on useless construction projects and give the officers a raise and not just 15%. What has what other cities pay got to do with it? That's just keeping up with the Jones' What we are talking about is public safety. But it seems our local politicians and some media could care less about what should be their number one concern! And if you want to report on something find out why the deputy that was killed on Saturday night was responding from so far away? You might find some very interesting facts about many deputies were on duty to protect a county of over 250,000!

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First of all you were given numbers from the City of Lubbock which are inaccurate and false. Also you, Dan Jackson said, "Now is not the time for a pay raise." Then tell me when is a good time for a pay raise? The Lubbock Fire Department got a pay raise last year under the same economy we are in now. Please explain why they got a raise? It has to do with politics...the Lubbock Fire Department also gave a city council man one of the biggest contributions any city council man had ever received. Second you mentioned recruiting applicants from Michigan and California.  How exactly do you mean? The PD does not have the funds to recruit applicants from those areas. Also the Lubbock Police Department is not competitive with other departments in the state of Texas, let alone Michigan or California.

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Well, Dan, as usual, you have hit the nail on the head !! ...  GREAT ideas ...  We need to run you for Mayor or King around here, or SOMETHING ...  Please do make lots of noise about this one ...  It's a FINE IDEA, and why haven't those idiots who run things around here thought of it before you had to ?? ...  We NEED a fully staffed police force to keep us safe, and this would be a wonderful way of helping others, as well as helping ourselves ...  Thanks once again for being here in Lubbock and thinking for us all.

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Consider this! The study that was given to you by the City regarding the payscale of Texas Police Officers is misleading, biased and inaccurate. Due to the economy, you suggested that Lubbock use the 15% towards recruitment in California, Michigan and Florida.  Personally, if I were to relocate from another state, I would research income potentional before I made the move.  The correct research would show that cities other than Lubbock pay more. In the end, Lubbock will still be faced with the dilemma of open positions in the Lubbock Police Department.

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I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion in regard to the Lubbock Police Department.  We both know that much political decisions lie within the matters of the department. While many things can affect one's opinion to this situation, the timing could not be worse for a raise.  This is not the correct time for people to even consider a raise.  I should think it to be very fortunate for someone to even have a job at all right now and I do believe that should be the main point for our thinking today.  I do believe that a raise might, or even should be, in the future for our dedicated officers but I have to question if this is that time.  Our economy is very delicate right now and uncertainty seems to be the order of the day.  Perhaps people should consider this as well in their decision.

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I suggest you research your stories more thoroughly before broadcasting them.  The numbers given to your station by City Hall are very slanted and incorrect.  If you were to check into the numbers you would see the numbers, those presented by the LPPA, are accurate whereas City Halls are not.  I guess when you have the power behind you, as does City Hall, you can slant the numbers while you discredit those who oppose those numbers.  City Hall continues to say they have no monies to give any pay raises, but they gave pay raises to other departments.  Nothing has changed at City Hall; they continue to speak out of both sides of their mouth.  City Hall is using the necks of the public to stand on while they continue to elevate those departments they owe favors to.  It's starting to look like unless City Hall is beholding to someone they will get kicked aside.  The thing that frightens me is what will happen when those who have been kicked kick back.  When I say kick back I'm referring to early retirements or leaving for more competitive pay.  The answer is the public will still be the ones who are getting stood or stomped on.  When Mr. Martin campaigned for the Office of Major he bragged about how he helped to bring LP&L back from the dead and stated how LP&L had been used as a "Cash Cow."  Sounds like it's the same old story, only this time the PD is being left for dead and it's being considered the current "Cash Cow."  Mr. Leonard was a very strong supporter of the PD until his Criminal Complaint wasn't acted upon.  The thing Mr. Leonard fails to understand is just because you have a certain standing in the government or public doesn't mean you snap your fingers and things happen.  Why is Mr. Leonard blaming the PD?  All the PD can do is present their findings to the DA's Office.  In this case his case was presented to a Lubbock County Grand Jury and it was the Grand Jury who decided there was no merit to his case.  This was the reason charges were not filed.  I'm not saying anything that hasn't been mentioned in the media already.  Until now I have considered most of what your station has broadcast to be accurate and close to the truth.  I will find it harder to "Consider This" the next time I watch, if there is a next time, I watch News Channel 11.  Thank you for your time and I'll really don't expect this letter to land anywhere your trash.

Consider This... Recruit THEN Reward
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson explains why he thinks now might not be the right time for police raises.

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