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NewsChannel 11 employees test their TAKS skills

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Throughout the state of Texas most students are spending their school day Friday taking the TAKS test. NewsChannel 11's Katie Bauer tested her co-workers to see how well they scored on some sample questions.

Eleven questions were taken from the TAKS test given to middle school aged students in 2006. A little bit of math, science, and social studies gave some NewsChannel 11 employees flashbacks of middle school.

Get your number two pencil ready and your thinking cap on. "I'm nervous," said NewsChannel 11 producer Lacey Nobles.

Your kids have to take the test, but just how difficult is it? "Oh I can't do math," joked NewsChannel 11's Director Paul Finley.

Math, reading, science, social studies it's all there. So we decided to test some of Lubbock's smartest, or at least who we think are Lubbock's smartest NewsChannel 11 employees with sample questions from the TAKS test.

Question 1: The 13 original colonies were primarily located along-

A. The Atlantic Ocean
B. The Gulf of Mexico
C. The Mississippi River
D. The Great Lakes.

The answer is A - The Atlantic Ocean.  

On to question 2: Which of these is an example of chemical reaction?

A. a pot of water boiling
B. an iron nail rusting
C. corn being ground
D. sugar dissolving in tea

If you guessed B, an iron nail rusting, then you're right.

"It's interesting; it's been awhile since I've taken a test. I was probably more stressed taking the test than covering severe weather," said Chief Meteorologist John Robison.  

The average score was 8.5 out of 11. Not bad NewsChannel 11, but now it's your turn. Click here to see how you do with these same sample TAKS questions.

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