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Keeping Calories from Climbing This Thanksgiving

According to the Mayo Clinic, a typical Thanksgiving meal can easily climb to 3,000 calories, more than is recommended for most people in an entire day, and that doesn't include the leftovers and the sweet treats we continue to graze through that evening. The bottom line -- it's easy to leave our Thanksgiving get together with heavier hugs than when we came unless we plan ahead.

"It takes about 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound. This is a pound of fat and not all of the calories that you eat on Thanksgiving are gonna be total fat, but the majority of them are. That's why you need to reduce the fat in everything that you're cooking," says Toni Hoover, a nutritionist for "My Weigh."

Toni says you can sneak out a lot of fat grams from your holiday cooking just by reducing the fat in your dairy products. Substituting low fat or no fat in milk, cheese, butter, and sour cream can make a dramatic difference. And she says if you can choose between a pecan pie and a pumpkin, take the pumpkin It has half as many fat grams as a pecan pie and the pumpkin has more fiber.

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