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Glaucoma treatment approved for lusher lashes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Two years ago, we told you about a treatment for glaucoma that had a nice side effect- it made lashes grow longer.  Sure enough, a new product is available now and is approved by the FDA.  It's called Latisse and it's a prescription drug to grow thicker, longer lashes.  It is the exact same medication as the drops used to treat glaucoma. 

Ophthalmologist Dr. Wendy Lee, says, "Latisse and Lumigan have a prostaglandon analog in them and the thought is the prostaglandin analog prolongs the active growth phase of the hair stimulating more growth.  So it definitely works and it works to grow your natural eyelashes". 

Dr. Lee should know.  She conducted some of the research at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute that led to the drug's approval.  The remarkable findings are that Latisse users can expect lashes that are 106% thicker and 25% longer.  It is pricey, though.  It costs $150 for a tiny bottle, and that's just a one month supply.  It contains a little more medication than the identical treatment you would get for glaucoma, but when the label indicates that it is for lashes it costs more than twice as much, possibly because it comes with some tiny brushes.  Insurance does cover Lumigan, but not Latisse. 

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