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Arts Cars steal the show at the Lubbock Arts Festival

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This weekend is the 31st annual Lubbock Arts Festival, and 1 thing seems to catch everyone's attention, the art cars.

"I had heard about the art cars being here and I've been to the art cars show in Houston before. I thought I would come check out and see what Lubbock's got going on," said festival goer Amy Mainer. 

Cars covered in yarn, bricks or musical instruments are sure to turn heads. "Someone might want a lot of attention but they can't afford a big flashy car so instead they glue poker chips or yo yo's on there car. Well believe me that will get attention," said Hunter Mann.

Believe it or not all of the art cars are drivable and street legal, so you could see 1 driving around the streets of Lubbock.

"You wouldn't know the power that it has in reaching people unless you get behind the wheel of 1, and then you start to see how people react," said Harrold Blake. He is an artist of 2 arts cars displayed at the festival, but 1 of his cars really stands out.  He calls it the camera van.

"I spent 2 years gluing and screwing cameras to this van and making it come alive and making it function. It actually does take pictures," said Blake.  It looks like the van is completely covered in lenses, but Blake says he's still adding to his flashy collection.

Sunday is your last chance to see the camera van along with the other unique art cars before they drive away.

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