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HealthWise at 5 for 5.4

Changes in CPR Methods Prove Effective

A new study from Georgetown University's School of Medicine found when first responders focused on doing quality chest compressions during CPR, the survival rates almost doubled.  The study tracked results from rule changes made by Kansas City's Emergency Medical Services, requiring rescuers do 50, instead of 30, chest compressions before giving two breaths.  Rescuers are also asked not to interrupt CPR to intubate or medicate patients.  Overall, they found these changes more than doubled their chance of survival.

Quitting Smoking is Hard for Teens Too

Quitting smoking can be just as difficult for teen smokers as it is for people who have been addicted for decades.  A CDC study shows 61% of teens who smoke daily try to quit at some point, but only 12% of those who attempt to kick the habit are successful.  One key to success may be trying at a younger age.  The study says nearly a fourth of the 9th graders were able to quit compared with 10% of those who smoked in high school.

TV a Leading Cause of Child Injuries

The journal Clinical Pediatrics finds that nearly 15,000 kids are sent to the emergency room each year for injuries caused by tipping over furniture or the TV.  Despite warnings, the number of these tip-over injuries has gone up 40% since the early '90's.  Most of the cases are kids under age 7 and children end up under the TV.  So, the study suggests that parents place TVs low to the ground or secured against the wall.

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