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Flying Home for the Holiday

More Americans travel the day before Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. "I'm going to Dallas, I'll eat a little turkey, and enjoy some friends," said one man. And for every person leaving one place, there's someone waiting for them at the other end. "I'm waiting for my daughter," said Randy Boyd.

Joan and Jerry Dowell are waiting for Joan's mother. "Gate six, okay," she says.

Michelle Williams, from Manhattan, Kansas, is waiting to be picked up by her boyfriend Jerome. "He's supposed to be here. I have no idea where he is anymore," she says.

First to arrive is Joan's mother Jackie. Joan left the kids at home so she could have mom all to herself. "I expected grand kids," said Jackie. "They wanted to come," said Joan, "And I did an ugly. I didn't bring them because I wanted you all to myself."

Meanwhile, Randy's daughter missed her flight, and dad is on standby in the hug department. Finally, Randy's wait is over. "We're on the news," he said. "Why are we on the news?" asks his daughter. "I've been up since 4'oclock in the morning," she says.

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and people are thankful for the simple things. "Just to be alive. I just buried my mother three days ago, so you just never know," said one man.

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