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The Ove' Glove: Does It Work?

It's an oven mitt that fits like a glove which the makers claim give you a better grip on your hot pans than ever before. The Ove' Glove hot surface handler is supposed to withstand extreme heat up to 480 degrees, but does it work?

Instead of the traditional turkey, I will bake cookies instead for this test at a temperature of 350 degrees. Twelve minutes later, the cookies were done. I grabbed the pan out of the oven using the Ove' Glove. It was a little warm, but my hands did not burn.

I put the Ove' Glove to the challenge. On the box, it says when exposed to an open flame, the outer layer of the glove does not catch fire and doesn't melt. The Ove' Glove is made with a fire resistant material. I held the glove over the open flame and it never caught fire. It turned the glove black and smoked a little bit, but never caught fire. I give The Ove' Glove the high five, it works!

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