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HealthWise at 5 From 11.29

  • Hepsera Greenlight

The FDA has given the go-ahead to a new drug to fight Hepatitis B. The makers of Hepsera say the drug can suppress the virus and improve liver function. It works by entering cells and interferes with a crucial enzyme and stop it in its tracks. Researchers say the drug greatly reduces levels of the virus in the blood and allows the liver to repair damage caused by the disease. More than one million Americans suffer from Hepatitis B.

  • Snoring and Diabetes

A study out of Harvard University has found people who snore are twice as likely to develop diabetes as those who don't. The study involved 70,000 people over a ten year period. Researchers say snoring impairs a person's oxygen intake. Now, experts say that lack of oxygen apparently triggers the production of Catecholamines in the body. Increased levels of those compounds can decrease the effectiveness of insulin produced by the body.

  • Healthy Kids

One U.S. child in four is overweight. Now, several health organizations are teaming up to change that through a special website. It's called Kidnetic and it's designed to keep kids healthy and fit. The research-based website combines food, fitness and family fun to get kids moving. The website includes everything from interactive games to fitness challenges.

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