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Girl Scouts Make Thanksgiving a Happy One for Slaton Residents

While many of us enjoy our Thanksgiving meals with our families, some people are not as fortunate. That is why one local group prepared a turkey with all the trimmings Thursday morning to help everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Karin McGuire is showing Girl Scout Troop 177 how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast, not for themselves, but to take to someone else. "The Slaton residents, the shut-ins, get Meals on Wheels deliveries everyday. Meals on Wheels does not deliver on Thanksgiving day so we as a troop have decided we're going to deliver Thanksgiving lunch to them," says McGuire.

She gives careful directions to her Thanksgiving day assembly line and in less than an hour, 50 Thanksgiving dinners are boxed and ready to go and with dinners in hand and a knock at the door these girls hope to make someone's holiday extra special. "We're from Girl Scout Troop 177 and we just wanted to let you have a Happy Thanksgiving," says Troop member Karry McGuire.

"If you don't have a dinner on Thanksgiving, you don't have a Happy Thanksgiving," says Troop member Destiny Ornelas.

"I'm really glad I'm doing this. I feel really good inside. I like helping people," says McGuire.

And for these Girl Scouts, spending a holiday helping others is a valuable lesson.

"I've always tried to teach the girls that we give back to the community that's what we do. Hopefully they're going to take this and their going to proceed with it and carry it with them throughout their lives that we help other people," says Karin.

About a dozen girl scouts delivered more than 50 meals in the city of Slaton early Thursday. The troop has been delivering Thanksgiving meals for the last three years and they say they look forward to doing it every year.

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