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Day two of emotional testimony in Ramirez Trial

Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office
Source by: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Source by: Lubbock Sheriff's Office

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Day two of emotional testimony in the trial of a 29-year-old mother of nine accused of numerous counts of child endangerment ended around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Gloria Ramirez suffered a miscarriage in 2007 and placed the fetus inside a baby wipe box in her refrigerator. Lubbock Police were notified after her husband contacted a funeral home inquiring about a tiny casket. When officials arrived to investigate, they say the home was filthy. Ramirez' husband, Anthony Moya, is also facing similar charges.

Seven witnesses were called by the state to testify. Ramirez faces nine counts of child endangerment and two counts of injury to a child.

An EMS technician was called to the stand first and described a smell so foul that the children had to be rinsed off before being transported to the hospital. The smell of urine made the technicians ill.

A Child Protective Services investigator who was also called to the house described the home as one of the worst she's ever seen, telling the jury "there was no path where you could walk and not see trash."

She saw roaches, roach droppings and moldy food in one of the two refrigerators in the home. Her testimony, along with photographs taken inside the home in 2007, portrays a picture of trash strewn around the house and inside the washing machine, sink and oven. Photographs show stacks of dirty diapers, in some areas as high as four feet. Mattresses in the bedrooms did not have sheets, blankets or pillows and were stained. There were also bottles of unopened cleaning supplies.

CPS and LPD witnesses testified that upon entering the home, the second youngest child, a 28-month-year-old girl appeared to be lethargic and "floppy," under developed with no muscle tone.

The officer told the jury that she initially thought the little girl was dead because she had flies on her face and was not moving. The officer also said it was difficult to get inside the door because of the trash blocking the door and that the smell was worst than an earlier call she responded to where a month old dead body was found inside the home. The officer found the youngest child in a diaper that appeared to have been used and turned inside out. She told the court that she could visibly see lice jumping in the children's hair.

Ramirez' attorney acknowledged the unusual conditions of the home during testimony. Ramirez told NewsChannel 11 in January that she had sunk into a state of depression. "I know, I know I'm sorry that it took this to see I needed to change," says Ramirez.

She relinquished custody of two children and five remain in state custody. Ramirez has since given birth to twins and is expecting another child. She and her husband moved to a new home and are working with several state agencies and conduct court ordered supervised visits with some of the children. 

The state is expected to call several more witnesses Wednesday morning. Testimony will resume in the 137th District Court.

Child Endangerment Trial: CPS describes filth and conditions of Gloria Ramirez's home
Testimony begins Tuesday for the trial of a Lubbock mother charged with 11 counts of child endangerment and injury to a child.

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