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Texas woman dies of Swine Flu

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The second American death from the swine flu is, again, in Texas.  First, it was a toddler.  This time it is a 33-year-old teacher from Harlingen with underlying health problems.  Overall, more than 400 cases are confirmed in 38 states and scientists say they are baffled as to why this flu seems to be hitting younger age groups more often than the elderly.  Keiji Fukuda, M.D., of the World Health Organization, says, "There may be something about older people.  They may have some level of protection that younger people do not".  Even so, the CDC says we now know that H1N1 does not have the genetics of a super-deadly virus, so most people who get it are recovering quickly.  The CDC adds that since the swine flu is spreading whether schools are closed or not, they should re-open, only teachers or students who feel sick are advised to stay home.

Officials expect at least another 700 cases in this country before summer.  The virus tends to disappear when it gets hot.  On the bright side though, World Health Officials say those who get it now should be immune from this flu if it makes a comeback in the fall.

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