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Relieving Holiday Stress

Tis the season for shopping, spending, and stress. The holidays are supposed to be filled with cheer. But for many people they're also filled with stress.

How do you know if you're suffering from holiday stress? Experts say watch for common symptoms like mood changes, lack of sleep, and changes in appetite. But stress causes even more serious problems you can't see.

You can shop for de-stressing gifts like aromatherapy oils and lotions and also indulge in pampering to reduce your own. Experts say the single most important gift to give yourself this holiday is some down time. They say if you set aside even a short period each day to take care of yourself you will feel significantly less stressed.

If you're still stressing about your holiday "to do" list experts say learn to say no. Delegate as many duties as you can.and plan ahead. Remember, taking some time for yourself leads to a holiday filled with cheer instead of stress.

For more tips on how you can relieve your holiday stress (click here).

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