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Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly

An overnight shooting in East Lubbock leaves one man dead and his step daughter fighting for her life. A Lubbock family is grieving Sunday night after a domestic dispute turned deadly. It happened just before one Sunday morning in the 1700 block of East Cornell, and while the neighborhood was quiet, the image of remains.

According to police 30 year-old Jessie Coe Smith, was arguing with his 19 year-step daughter Shassidy Harris, about who should park in the driveway, when police were called to their house the first time. Then about an hour later, the dispute continued, shots were fired and police returned to the scene.

"I just heard her screaming, Vanessa, and she came to the window and was like 'he's crazy he's crazy' and so me and my grandfather rushed to the door and she came in and she was like 'can I use the phone to call 911,' and during the time she was on the phone about three minutes into the phone call Jessie came up and handed my grandfather a magazine, he had the gun, kept a bullet stepped back and shot himself," Anthwon Broussard a witness said.

Jesse Coe Smith put a rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger in front of his wife Vanessa, and three of his neighbors. "I was in my room and I heard a gunshot and I walked outside and he was laying over there, he'd shot himself in the head. He'd already shot her daughter and he followed her over to my grandfathers house, handed him the cartridge of the gun but kept one and shot himself," Travis McCormick a neighbor said.

Police say Smith fired four shots, the first into the ceiling and the next into the kitchen. Then he turned the gun on his step-daughter, shooting her in the abdomen. That is when his wife ran next door, and the final gunshot was heard, he had shot himself.

"It was sad because all of his family was coming and the other family was coming too because he'd shot her daughter, so it was just kinda sad just to hear his mother holler and his kinfolk, it was real crazy," McCormick said.

"A lot of chaos, crying a lot of emotions being shown, just hurt," Broussard said.

These neighbors were shocked at what happened, they say they have never noticed trouble next door or had a problem with Jessie Smith. Shassidy is a no information patient at Covenant Medical Center, we do know she was in critical condition early Sunday morning and has since undergone surgery.

A police spokesman said there were others in the house at the time of the shooting and they had all been drinking.

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