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Attempted home invasion in Lubbock caught on web cam

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One Lubbock man was at home when someone tried to break in last week, and he caught the whole thing on web cam. Someone knocked on Andy Hartman's front door, and when Hartman didn't answer they jumped his fence and tried to kick in his back door. Hartman grabbed a gun, ran to a back room and called 911.

Hartman says he was ready to shoot and knew the rules of deadly force because he recently took a concealed hand gun license class. In Texas, if you feel threatened you can use deadly force to protect yourself, but those rules change from state to state. The police got there before the intruder got into the house, so Hartman didn't have to use deadly force, but the suspect got away.

"You look back and it was only about two and a half minutes from the time I made the phone call to the time an officer was at the door, which is extremely short, but it seems like four or five years," said Hartman.

Hartman believes two men were involved in the attempted home invasion. He says both are Hispanic males in their early 20s, and he thinks they were driving a gray Dodge Neon.

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