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U Can Share: Helping the South Plains

It's that time of year again. Time to pick up a few extra items at the grocery store and drop them off at the U Can Share Food Drive. This year marks the 19th annual drive designed to fill up the barrels at the South Plains Food Bank for the winter months. So what do they need and how can you help?

You can bring a canned good or boxed food item to the U Can Share site at Market Street. The 2002 U Can Share Food Drive kicked off Monday morning and our cameras caught the first big load of goods being delivered. Items collected at Evans Jr High got the drive off to a good start. But Co-Chair Donna Chandler says you don't have to have a truck load to help.

"During this time of year the food bank supplies go down and there is a lot of need once it starts getting cold, theres not the gardens and there's just a greater need. We want non perishable items, can goods, things that are in boxes, rice, cereal, beans, canned milk and meats," says Donna Chandler, U Can Share Co-Chair.

The donated items go to the food bank and are distributed among those in need and other agencies right here on the South Plains. Lubbock resident Kim Taylor knows exactly how important this effort is. "Everything I've needed that they could possibly have they shared with me and they have been such a blessing to me and to my life," said Kim Taylor.

Kim used to be on the giving end, but now she is living on a fixed income and battling a number of diseases. She says her health started deteriorating after her husband died, and the medical bills started adding up.

"We don't ever know what we're going to wake up to tomorrow we may be blessed with health today and all of our family, but tomorrow we may be wiped out. And the South Plains Food Bank is there for you. There's hunger not only at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but 365 days of the year and believe me I'm one that knows," Taylor says.

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