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Is Happy Meal song given to Lubbock kids appropriate or obscene?

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A music CD, distributed in children's meals by a national fast food chain has caused some concern in the southeast, and NewsChannel 11 discovered that same CD available right here on the South Plains.  Our sister station, WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama received complaints from parents about a specific lyric in one of the songs.   So, we asked one Lubbock mother to get one from McDonald's.

The song is on Kidz Bop Number Six, and right now, children receive one of the discs in McDonald's Happy Meals.  Some people say they hear a curse word in the first track, but McDonald's says Kidz Bop carefully chooses the songs to make sure they're appropriate for young people.

"There's no way," mother Stacy Bobo said.  That's the reaction Bobo had when she first listened to track one, "I don't want to be", a cover of Gavin DeGraw's song.  "I heard the expletive.  I definitely heard a really bad word," Bobo said. 

The question comes in the lyric, "I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do".  Some say looking is replaced with a curse word.  "There's no question.   That sounds exactly like that word," Bobo said. 

Bobo says in a CD labeled sung by kids for kids, even a questionable lyric is not acceptable.  "No, I think if it sounds like it, it sounds like it.   If they think they're saving looking, and that's not what it sounds like, that's not my fault, it still sounds like it," Bobo said. 

"Do you think kids would pick that up quickly," NewsChannel 11 asked.  "I do.  Mine would, and I've got young ones.   They seem to repeat a lot of what they hear, and they would definitely be repeating that part," Bobo said. 

McDonald's Spokesperson Danya Proud responded to the concerns in the following statement: 

We are excited about the energy the Kidz Bop brand brings to Happy Meals during this promotional period with songs "sung by kids for kids." 

As with all Happy Meal promotions, premiums are available, while supplies last. It appears that the success of this promotion has resulted in some Atlanta-area McDonald's restaurants not having certain CDs available. This however is not a result of McDonald's pulling the CDs, as previously suggested.

Kidz Bop carefully chooses the songs featured on all Kidz Bop CDs, including those songs in the current Happy Meal, to ensure both the subject matter and lyrics are appropriate for our youngest guests.  McDonald's further ensures the song selections are consistent with the stringent standards that we attribute to all of our Happy Meal toy offerings. We greatly value the high standards that families hold us to, and we would never include a lyric, word, or song that is inappropriate to children of any age.

As with any offering, parents will need to make the final determination about what is appropriate for their family. We know families have a high level of trust in McDonald's. We look forward to continuing to serve families in the manner they have come to expect from McDonald's.

Still, Bobo says she won't let her children listen to this album.  "I would think that there would be a lot of people who find this offensive, and I'm disturbed that it hasn't been caught before this," Bobo said. 

(Click Here) to listen to the unedited clip and listen for yourself.  The clip begins with DeGraw's original, and then goes to Kidz Bop cover.

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