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City Prepares for Winter Blast

If the temperatures drop as much as expected, we could see all this rain turn to ice on Lubbock's roads. But is the City of Lubbock prepared for slick streets?

Yes, the Texas Department of transportation says the salt trucks are loaded and ready to go. Officials are monitoring the weather and they say as soon as the temperature drops the wet streets could become a danger zone. So the plan is to head out early and drop the Magnesium Chloride Crystals on the roads to melt the ice, and with all the rain we've had today that could be a challenge.

The rain came early Tuesday morning, and continued throughout the day. Local officials issued a warning for drivers to slow down, after dozens of wrecks occurred in the first few hours of the day.

"Just remember to slow down, give yourself more time to get wherever your going. Leave more distance between yourself and other cars, and the main thing is to be prepared for the slick streets, be prepared to stop when you need to," Officer Tracy Taylor said.

Officer Taylor says speed limits are designed for perfect conditions, so on days like this, the optimum speed is much lower. He says if you drive slow you'll be better prepared to handle what's ahead. As the weather turns colder all of this standing water could freeze.

"The overpasses on the interstate and the loop are probably the most dangerous because they freeze quicker because of the air going underneath and over them, be real careful on them and if you can avoid them avoid them. Your not always going to see the freeze because of the slick spots so do the same thing, slow down and avoid close distances between you and the other cars," says Officer Taylor.

Tonight Lubbock Police report about 50 weather related wrecks in the area. The dropping temperatures create another danger, black ice. So remember don't get out unless you have to and drive slow.

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