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Lubbock Citizens Say Thanks to Community

When you think about the South Plains Food Bank, don't think outside the box. Think about what you are putting inside it.

"The food in the boxes comes from a variety of sources which reflect donations from the community. A community that comes together and works to make sure no one in Lubbock goes hungry," says David Weaver, Executive Director of the South Plains Food Bank.

For almost 20 years, the South Plains Food Bank has made food boxes. They give 500 boxes away every week, food boxes worth up to $100, and this is where they go.

74-year-old Bernice Hameed has three hungry mouths to feed. She is raising her two teenage grandchildren. "During the time when my husband died, I didn't have anything coming in, anything. Then finally, I started with social security," said Bernice.

Bernice went looking for help. She found out the South Plains Food Bank hands out enough food for one week to people like her. "I would sign up, they would give me my voucher, and we lived off the food we would get. The girls are 14-years-old now. I started when they were 2 years-old," she says.

To this day, Bernice volunteers her time to work at the food bank. "It is really tough for them to receive gifts from the community even though they have needs and it's a sense of their own self worth to give back if they've been given to," explains Weaver.

So, do not be surprised if you see Bernice donating a few leftover cans. She believes if you are going to get a little, you better give a little as well. "Yeah, I give back. That's what you are supposed to do," says Bernice.

All the food you are giving in this year's annual U Can Share Food Drive helps. That is what the South Plains Food Bank uses to make all these food boxes.

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