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Swine flu or H1N1 confirmed in Lubbock County

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - City of Lubbock officials confirmed the first local case of H1N1, also known as the Swine Flu.  Although the virus has not been as deadly as once predicted, health officials at both the national and international level still warn that it could make a come back during the traditional flu season with many more deaths and ilnesses. 

The city of Lubbock is the testing center for 41 West Texas counties.  The city's written statement says,  "One case of H1N1 flu has been confirmed in Lubbock County.  The case is a small child, less than five years old (not school age).  A healthcare professional has notified the family of the diagnosis of H1N1 Flu.  The child has been treated with Tamiflu and is recovering at home."

NewsChannel 11 viewers called asking if the child could have spread it to other children at a pre-school? The answer is no, because he doesn't go to a pre-school and officials say he is no longer contagious.

"Once you've recovered from the flu you're not contagious anymore.  We are monitoring the family to be sure that none of the family members who have had close contact with the child don't come down with flu like illness," said Nancy Haney, Lubbock Health Department Director.

The boy's family has been asked to not have contact with other people for five days - just to be safe. Haney says if the boy had been in school, the health department would have asked that school to notify parents by mail.

The best defense against the spread of Swine Flu is frequent handwashing done with proper techniques. 

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