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Shigellosis numbers back on the rise in Lubbock

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock Health Department says Shigellosis numbers are back on the rise. NewsChannel 11 first started telling viewers about the Shigellosis out break back in October when the city saw around 150 cases of the virus. 

It is considered an outbreak if the city has more than eight cases a month. That means the outbreak never ended, but over time the numbers decreased each month until April when they went up again to 32 cases.

Shigella is spread person-to-person through the unwashed hands of the infected person. It can happen by direct contact, or by food or drink handled by the person infected. The key to prevention is good and frequent hand washing.

While adults can get the disease, it's usually seen in kids so the health department hopes the spread will slow down when school lets out. "It doesn't really matter what time of year it is, but we see these most commonly when school begins because kids are all in close quarters sharing the same toys, the same school supplies," said Public Health Coordinator, Beckie Brawley.

The health department says it is easier to stop the spread of the disease if you know you have it, so if you or your children have these symptoms go see your doctor.

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