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New information from evidence lists in Wilcox trial

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Court documents provide new information on the Kenneth Wilcox kidnapping case. Wilcox is the man accused of kidnapping three Lubbock children in late October. He originally had permission to take the kids to Six Flags, but when he didn't return, investigators began looking for him and found him in Oklahoma.

Wilcox's trial begins Tuesday, and the list of evidence the prosecution presented to the court includes a blue nylon animal collar, a $1 million check written by Wilcox, and handcuffs with a receipt from Spencer's. Spencer's is a store that sells gag gifts, many with sexual innuendoes.

The list also includes a machete. Court records indicate Wilcox used the machete as a means of "mind games" or psychological terror. Court records also indicate he previously used these kinds of items to terrorize three women before the kidnapping case. In each case no one was hurt, but they were scared.

Both the prosecution and defense has all three children, 14-year-old Lashawnda Theriac, 11-year-old Jasmine Bazan, and 9-year-old Angel Contreras involved in the incident on their list of witnesses who could testify.

Earlier the children told law enforcement Wilcox did not hurt them but would not take them home. "We didn't go any of those places he told us," said Bazan. "We had to sleep in the woods, and my sister and her friend kept begging him to come to home," added Contreras.

Police found Contreras and Theriac when Wilcox left them with his cousin who cooperated with law enforcement and let the children call home. Shortly after investigators found the first two children they set up check points in the area and stopped Wilcox who had Bazan with him.

After the children returned home, NewsChannel 11 uncovered more suspicious information in the arrest warrant. Police found Wilcox's apartment at the Ponderosa Apartment complex completely empty. He left nothing there to return to.

In November, Wilcox pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping charges, and in a December detention hearing Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Sucsy argued Wilcox subjected the children to psychological terrorism saying he, "introduced the children to at least one man who told them he wanted to purchase them for $3,000 because they would make tender meals."

The prosecution also revealed Wilcox bought a hatchet, handcuffs, and a tarp shortly before the trip.

Then in April, NewsChannel 11 discovered this is not the first time Wilcox brought someone to this area in Oklahoma. Police records show he's done this to three adult women before. The prosecution says this shows he never intended to take the children to Six Flags.

The trial is set for this week, and NewsChannel 11 will be there to bring you all the latest information.

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New court documents allege Wilcox kidnapped before
New details are revealed in court documents about the man accused of taking three Lubbock children and driving them across state lines. Court documents reveal Kenneth Wilcox may have done this before.

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