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Consider This... Open School Records

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The 2009 Texas legislature will come to an end next Monday and, as is stands, there is a very dangerous bill threatening our Texas school system and, more importantly, our children.

House Bill 3419 aims to keep you from knowing about the possible criminal background of school employees. Even information about convictions would become sealed and off limits to parents.

Remember less than two years ago, Texas Youth Commission employees were accused of widespread sexual abuse of boys in their custody. What finally got it stopped was the media making open records requests and reporting what was found. This bill is a direct assault on your right to know.

Consider this, criminal records of public school employees should remain "open" for concerned parents and media to see. So tell Representative Carl Isett, Representative Delwin Jones, and Senator Robert Duncan that it's a bad idea to keep criminal records of school employees private.

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