Best Practices to get the Best Signal for the Big Switch

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  • To insure that you are receiving the highest quality of signal, you should be using the rabbit ears that are VHF-UHF which are the type that has the actual rabbit ears and the loop in the middle.
  • The rabbit ears need to be approximately 20 inches long and 20 inches apart for the best reception.  Make sure that the cables are securely connected to your television is a strong connection to help the picture quality.
  • If you are having problems getting our station, make sure you have all these steps done then try to rescan your converter box at this point.  If you are still having problems, adjust your signal strength for maximum signal strength in your converter box, then try to perform another channel scan to see if that fixes the problem.
  • 98% of the problems come from the antenna itself and installing an outside antenna will increase reception and picture quality.
  • Installing an outside antenna will be the best type of antenna to ensure getting the highest level of signal and getting the best reception.  The antenna should be pointed to inward towards Lubbock and should be able to pick up a very strong signal.
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  • It is very important to have an outside antenna installed that is a VHF-UHF .
  • If your antenna is outside and you are still having problems with the reception, picture quality, and/or signal strength check the connectors and the coax cables that connect to the antenna.  If they are over ten years old, this problem could be caused by deterioration.  If it has deteriorated enough, it might not be able to pick up the channels very well anymore because of the age of the antenna.
  • It is also very important that you examine your cables and connections to make sure that they are secure and sending a strong connection to the television.
  • 98% of the problems come from the antenna itself and should be checked to make sure you are getting the best reception and picture quality that is possible for you television.
  • Viewers should point their outdoor antenna directly towards Lubbock to have the most direct line of signal.  This can help increase the signal strength for better and stronger reception.

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