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Deterring Thieves During the Holiday Season

Lubbock Police say that the holiday season brings an increased risk of robberies and burglaries, but there are some things you can do to stay safe. NewsChannel 11 talked to Captain Glen Fowler with the Lubbock Police Department for some advice.

"If you have an alarm system, be sure to use it. If you're gonna go out of town, notify trusted friends and neighbors. Keep inventory of items you have, including serial numbers. It's probably best not to place a large number of items under the tree, especially if those presents are visible through open windows," says Captain Fowler.

Captain Fowler also says if you notice anyone suspicious in your neighborhood to call the police and not try to handle it yourself. Fowler also has advice for holiday shoppers.

He says to shop during the day when you can, but if you're going to shop at night, try to do it with a friend. Park in a well lit area as close to the store as possible. Try not to park behind SUV's or vehicles with tinted windows. If you have packages, Captain Fowler says try to put them in a locked truck so no one can see them.

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