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Community Responds To Little Boy's Stolen TV

Since we first aired our story on the Briseno family , NewsChannel 11 has had dozens of phone calls from people wanting to help. Neighbors drove to their house to donate their personal televisions. One man and his son decided to give little Eddie an early Christmas gift.

Mrs. Briseno was in tears, talking to her husband, who is out of town. He says he can't thank Lubbock enough for all the support. "I can't thank everyone enough. I didn't expect this. To see my son jumping up and down, it was just like ahhhh," said Monica Briseno, Eddie's mother.

City Bank has also set up a fund in the family's name. If you'd like to donate drop by any branch of City Bank, or call (806) 792-7101 .

NewsChannel 11 has also taken about a dozen phone calls, from several people wanting to give Eddie a new TV So the family has been busy returning phone calls all night. One man in Levelland told NewsChannel 11 the family called him and said they have already received a new TV, so he is taking it a step further and buying the boy a new VCR and some movies.

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