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CMN Miracle Child: Trent Lewis

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "I knew I was a carrier. We didn't know that he was, so when we got the call and found out that he was going to have sickle cell disease it was a complete shock to us," said Laura Lewis. 

Three weeks after they had their first child, Trent and Laura Lewis got a call no parent wants to get. Their son, Trent Lewis III, had Sickle Cell Anemia, a genetic disease causing pain because the red blood cells are misshaped. "From the moment we found out, if he cried we didn't know if he was hungry or if he was going through something," said his father and namesake, Trent Lewis II. 

When he was just 2-years-old, Trent experienced his first pain crisis and hospitalization. "That was a hard one, especially for him, you know being as young as he was," said his mother. "I wish for 1 minute that I could take away his pain by giving it to me," his father added. 

For years Trent went in to the hospital about four times a year, but recently he's started a new medication. "In the past a patient with Sickle Cell, let's say from age 0 to age 14 might be hospitalized over those 12, 14 years 5, 6, 10 times a year. Now they get hospitalized very, very infrequently because of this medication," said Trent's doctor, Anthony Cecalupo. 

Today, Trent is an active 8-year-old who enjoys school, sports, and video games. While sometimes they want to be overprotective, his parents try to give him every opportunity available. "We just try not to hold him back from anything. If he tells us he wants to do something. Then we go ahead and let him do it," Laura said.

Trent and Laura are proud of their son and thankful for all the people who help take care of him. "We're grateful for UMC, and the doctors, and the nurses there, and the staff there, and Children's Miracle Network," said Laura.

With a son as active as Trent, they're especially thankful for the playroom provided by Children's Miracle Network. "They have all sorts of toys. Anything to keep him occupied. When he's not feeling well, but he's starting to feel a little bit better going to the play room kind of brings his spirits up. Makes him feel better," said Laura. 

"When I feel pain, I start playing games, and it really doesn't hurt anymore. It's kind of like magic," said Trent. Magic that would not be possible without your donations to Children's Miracle Network.

While Trent will most likely deal with his disease for the rest of his life, it hasn't slowed him down. "I wish I could go sky diving," he said while bouncing on his bed. Maybe someday he will. "He's not limited, you know, right now, so the sky's the limit for Trent," said his father. 

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